Tip Toey Joey Parky White

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As one of Tip Toey Joey's very first designs, this shoe is a trusted favourite among their customers. The closed front and back keeps your little one’s feet safe and secure while walking.

  • The original stretch&stay™ system which holds the foot in place.
  • Made from extra-soft leather for natural movement and healthy development of the foot while it's still forming.
  • The leather lining absorbs perspiration, keeping feet dry – fresh in Summer and warm in Winter; The biodegradable and antibacterial shoe features a natural rubber insole, leather lining, and a memory-sole effect which returns to it's original form after wear.
  • The Flex&grip ™ sole provides a flexible, non-slip sole to improve balance and confidence in your child's first steps - providing protection while giving that “barefoot feeling”.
  • Velcro to adjust to all types of feet.


The Originals' part-leather sole can be damaged by friction with rough surfaces. To clean your Tip Toey Joey, use a damp cloth and mild soap – do not use water, do not put in the washing machine. Dry in shade.