Tip Toey Joey Bossy Greeny Mostarda Canvas/ White Eco

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 Tip Toey Joey Greeny is a leather-free range which introduces new and environmentally friendly materials into their products, inviting brand fans and consumers to rethink their choices.

  • Easy to put on, the original Stretch&Stay™ elastic heels gently hold the shoe in place
  • Soft canvas uppers made from cotton and recycled bottles collected from the oceans
  • Cushioned edges and high performance, soft touch microfiber lining
  • Flexible and non-slip Flex&Grip™ recycled rubber soles
  • Barefoot concept, ThintoFeel™ minimalist soles, with no heels, to promote sensory inputs picked up from the lumps and bumps of the ground
  • FreetoGrow™ wide shape allows toes to spread freely promoting a natural and healthy development of the foot.


To clean your shoes, use a damp cloth and mild soap. Do not use water. Do not put in the washing machine. Dry in the shade.