TicTasTogs Recycled Sunglasses

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Where recycled is RAD! These children's sunglasses for ages 3+ are individually hand crafted from used skateboard decks. Clever huh?

Each pair is unique, durable and sustainable with a rainbow of colour inside and on top! 

With coloured UV400 polarised lenses to protect little eyes from the damaging sun these are a must have for style, originality and safety.

How bright will you go? Choose your shade and pair with TicTasTogs colourful kids swimwear for an all day sunsafe adventure! 


  • Reflective UV400 lenses for anti-glare eye protection 
  • Lightweight yet robust - it used to be skateboard after all!
  • Spring hinge for flexibility 
  • Stylish engraved logo on curved arms
  • Comes with complimentary soft protective branded pouch

    Cleaning and care:

    • Clean your sunglasses by gently rubbing them with a lens cleaning cloth and an eyewear liquid cleaner
    • Always place lens side up to avoid scratching 
    • Keep them in their protective pouch when not being worn


        • For kids aged 5+