Tastex Envirowoolly Black Sheep

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Tastex Knitwear Inc. is a fully operational knitting mill which is also an Australian Disability Enterprise.

At Tastex we offer employment and training for people with intellectual disabilities in a supported environment.

When you purchase an "Envirowoolly", you are working with us to provide continued and meaningful employment for people with Intellectual, Cognitive and Developmental disabilities.
Tastex complies with the National Disability Service Standards.

Our Envirowoolly® story...

First came the “Critter”, cute little toys made from scrap woolen offcuts, destined for our factory outlet shop.

Our latest innovation is the “Envirowoolly” range of Australian animals, which is aimed at the niche local tourist market. We currently produce a Tassie Devil, Tassie Tiger, Koala, Wombat, Platypus and both a black and a white sheep. Envirowoollys fill a gap in the market for locally made animals which appeal to our growing tourist industry.

Our Critters, Bears and Envirowoollys are all made from knitted woollen offcuts. Their filling is made from our own recycled waste wool product which makes them both sustainable and environmentally friendly.

The Envirowoollys have been a great hit with our Supported Employees as they enjoy making these cute little fellows! They also provide an ideal training opportunity for practicing sewing skills and improving hand, eye co-ordination techniques.

These innovative toys are not only fun to make, they are providing Tastex with both ongoing training opportunities for Supported Employees and a welcome additional income stream.