RAWr 360 PUL Nappy Cover

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Stretchy PUL nappy cover, recommended for use with prefold tucked under the gusset circle or over the Soakmaster1000. Also stretches easily over all the readily available fitted nappies it’s been tried with – up to XL sizes!!

featuring 360 degree internal gusset for double poo-plosion protection!
Absorbency Rating: None – requires absorbent insert or fitted nappy.


Nappy One Size fits

Weight Range

  • One Size (Infant to Pre-schooler): approximately 5kg – 20kg (a little smaller if using as a cover over a fitted newborn nappy).

New to RAWr Nappies, a flexible and multifunctional nappy cover which is easily used with any type of non-waterproofed nappy option including:

  • our own RAWr Prefold folded in three and inserted inside the nappy covers gusset
  • the Soakmaster1000 as a great overnight outer layer
  • Any prefold, either folded or fastened with pins/nappy fasteners
  • Any fitted nappy
  • Traditional flat nappies

360 Cover is designed to be used as an extremely simple cloth nappy solution – just fold the prefold (or flat or trifold) and place it inside the cover under the gusset.