Love Mae Mini Decal Floating Feathers

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Add a soft touch of floating plumage to your walls.

Product Sizing:

  • Individual feathers vary in length from 9.5 -11.5cm (3.5 - 4.5"). 

Flowing delicately as they all fall towards the ground, only to be lifted up by the breeze again. The pattern on these gorgeous feathers are divine. No doubt you will love these pretty feathers too, placed anywhere in your life that needs a delicate lift of colour.




Stick on laptops, notebooks, lunch boxes, mobile phones, furniture, in your car and well, just about anywhere. Their cute size make them easy to use in almost any place you can think of. Our gorgeous decals can be applied to any smooth surface, if you change your mind you can whip the decals off neatly and move them around as much as you like.