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Design: Hana Baby Wrap is a wraparound baby sling that offers full head and neck support for your

baby. It is exceptionally well suited for babies from birth to 12.5 Kg. It carries your baby

ergonomically - which helps correct hip development without putting pressure on spine or

pelvis. It distributes your baby's weight evenly over both shoulders and entire back,

making your baby feel light, and does not cause any shoulder or back discomfort. Hana

Baby Wrap is a relatively cool baby wrap sling. It is thinner and lighter than other wraps,

yet as robust as regular cotton-elastane wrap carriers. This means that Hana Baby Wrap is

more breathable and hence more comfortable than other wrap slings. Hana Baby Wrap fits

you perfectly. It does not have any fasteners such as buckles or snaps, so there's no need

to readjust anything to shape or size. Simply tie it comfortably around your torso and


Bamboo: Hana Baby Wrap is made from bamboo fabric with some added organic cotton and a touch

of elastane. Bamboo fabric is cashmere soft, naturally anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic,

making it the perfect choice for your baby. Bamboo fabric has a natural UV filter. Bamboo

fabric is up to three times more breathable than cotton, naturally helping to regulate your

baby's temperature, and is great for warm weather or the summer months. Hana Baby

Wrap is also great for cooler days though, as bamboo keeps you warmer in colder weather


Sustainability: Bamboo is extremely fast-growing and can grow up to three feet a day. Bamboo needs no

pesticides or fertilizers and requires minimal irrigation. Bamboo is even known to improve

soil quality in degraded and eroded areas of land. Organic cotton is grown without the use

of any fertilizers or pesticides.

Materials: Bamboo – 68%, Organic Cotton – 28%, Elastane – 4%