ergoPouch Winter Onesie 3.5 TOG Drops

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This gem is designed for the toddler who sleeps in a big bed but still kicks their sheets off. The Winter Onesie is a winner for parents who want to keep their toddlers warm all night even if the blanket comes off. This item is also perfect for those cold walks in a stroller or pram. 

We recommend the Winter Onesie for kids who don’t like a sleeping bag or if your child is ready to transition into a big bed, suitable for 1 year – 5 years.

Jersey Fabric – A type of breathable, lightweight and low maintenance fabric that is knitted in a way to allow for stretch in all directions plus keeping the wearer comfortably warm.

Wear on its own – A great choice to keep your child warm, even if they kick blankets off. Designed to be worn on its own, without the need for a sleeping bag.  

3 way zipper – getting your baby in an out of this warm onesie is so easy. Even more, quick nappy checks and changes are a breeze.

Fold over Cuffs + Mitts – The cuffs on the feet and mitts on the hands keep the warmth in. Mitts available up to 2-3 year size.

Organic Cotton + Bamboo – using a natural fibre is so skin friendly as it promotes breathability, prevents those sweaty feels and creates longer sleeps (hooray!).

Stretchy – blending with 5% elastane means we can achieve a very comfortable onesie for your baby to sleep in. 

The three-way zip feature makes night time bathroom visits a breeze and also helps support toilet training toddlers, without the need to unzip the entire suit to the floor.


As with all ergoPouch products, the new range is uniquely made with an organic cotton to ensure a better nights’ sleep for the entire family.