Eenee uPads Compostable Nappies

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uPads are highly absorbent insert pads for use in Eenee Pull-uPs, uPants, Weenees Pouch Pants or any close fitting garment which will snug the pad close to the body, or they can be secured using the Eenee Nappy or Stretch Gripper Belt.

The waterproof layer is breathable to help prevent sweating and the double elastic leg guards help prevent leakage. uPads are commercially compostable and have been made with sustainable materials so they minimise their impact on our environment. 


  • Small 300ml - 34 uPads
  • Medium 500ml - 30 uPads
  • Large 700ml - 26 uPads
  • XLarge 1000ml - 22 uPads