Bare and Boho Mini AI2 Nappy

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The Ultimate Snap-in-Snap-Out Nappy system, this nappy collection is designed to make nappy changing simple, efficient, cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

Thoughtfully designed in Australia & ethically created featuring custom elements and signature hand-painted and commissioned artworks.

The innovative design features of the shell offer the ability to reuse your shell through numerous changings, which makes using this nappy on-the-go so efficient! Understanding how the nappy components fit together has never been more simple!

The absorbent inserts and boosters simply snap or lay into the lining of the shell!

Perfect for any parent who is new to cloth, as well as grandparents, daycares, and friends who may be responsible for changing your little one!  

The MINI Shell is suitable for weight ranges between 1.5/2kg to 5kg, especially suitable for premature babies.