Baby BeeHinds Nappy Cover Newborn (3.5-5kg)

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A beautifully soft, water-resistant nappy cover designed for use over your Fitted Nappies, Prefolds, Flats, Night Nappies or even over disposables to keep ‘code brown’ situations contained.

  • Contoured Shape for All Sizes: With fold-over elastics at the front & back waist, plus through the legs these nappies contour to the shape of each bubba exactly where you need it. Big chubby thighs? No problems! Skinny waist? No problems! Suits all body shapes.
  • Ultra-Durable: The Sandwich PUL will keep clothing & bedding dry & we make our products built to last, so even a quick dry in the dryer on LOW won't damage these nappy covers.
  • Works with any Nappy Style: Whether using these over a Fitted Nappy, a Night Nappy, a Prefold or an old school Terry flat, these will work over any nappy style. If you have leaking disposables, then add one of these and a layer of extra absorbent inserts and you’ll be back to dry nights, and good sleep.
  • Super-Sticky: Velcro brand waist closure gives you peace of mind that everything is secure & will stay in place. Laundry tabs on the inside prevent catching other items in the wash.

Product Specifications:

Waist Closure: Velcro Brand Hook & Loop
Absorbency: None. This is just a waterproof cover
Use with: Bamboo Fitted, Hemp Fitted, Night Nappy, Flats or Prefolds. Over disposables. 
Fabric: PUL
Laundry tabs: Yes
Washable: Yes