Our Services

Here at Tiny Footprints we are much more than just a shop.

Our mission is to make cloth nappies as easy and affordable as possible.





​We run Cloth nappy workshops once a month at our store in Hobart. These free workshops are designed to remove the fog surrounding buying and using cloth nappies. For full details visit our workshops page here




    At Tiny Footprints we offer 2 kinds of rental;

    ​Newborn: We rent out full sets (24) of newborn sized nappies for those wanting to use cloth from the get-go but not wanting to invest in a full set of nappies that only last a short time. This service is $30 p/w (minimum 6 weeks) so it is cost competitive with buying disposables and is great to get your cloth routines off to a good start.

    ​Trial Packs: We also rent out nappy trial packs. These consist of a full set of nappies (24) made up of all the different types of cloth nappies we offer here at Tiny Footprints. This set is a great option for those who are new to cloth and wanting to get their hands on, and use all the different types before investing in a full set.

    For full details on rental or to book a set contact us by mail: info@tinyfootprints.com.au or phone: (03) 6289 5138



    ​Bulk Buy Rates: 

    Get the price of buying in bulk with the freedom of mixing and matching from our great range.

    Shop Cloth Nappies here