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Rainkoat was brought to life in 2015, launching a range of fun, functional and high quality rainwear pieces for kids (and sometimes ‘big kids’!). Celebrating classic European-style rainwear in bright, bold colours and made from quality materials, Rainkoat is designed for travel, play and everyday.

Inspired by her own mother who made waterproof overalls for the whole family, founder Laura initially set out to create pieces for her young nieces and nephews in a similar design. Fast forward to a few years later and the Rainkoat range has grown to cater for children and adults alike, offering brightly coloured raincoats and overalls made for fun!

Rainkoat keep their range simple, and focus on quality first and foremost. Their raincoats and overalls feature welded/heat sealed seams (instead of stitched seams), which makes them completely waterproof and very durable.


Commitment to Sustainability

Children grow up fast, so the timeless design and durability of Rainkoat products makes them perfect for handing down (and down and down…) between siblings and families. Rainkoat is also now single-use plastic free, which means all tags and packaging associated with Rainkoat is recyclable and biodegradable.

Rainkoat are committed to doing their bit to ensure a greener future for our kids. Reducing the waste associated with their products and making sure their range is of the highest, most durable quality is something they are very proud of as a business.


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